Composure Fragments

Composure pages are made from one or more page fragments. You may add as many fragments to a page as you like, and they can be edited or moved on the page as required.

The current list of fragments types is shown below. Click on the name to view more about that fragment type.

Standard Fragments

There are currently 6 standard fragment types, each providing different functionality.
1. Normal Text
The Normal Text fragment is the heart and soul of composure. You place one or more Normal Text fragments onto a page and edit the text in simple text editor. The editor is very easy to use and allows any authorised user to edit a page whenever they wish.
2. Textile Fragment
A Textile Fragment is a block of text that is formatted using the Textile Markup Language. It is preferred by some because it allows casual users to write valid Html with ease and without a WYSIWYG editor.
3. Html Form
The Html Form fragment is designed to capture information from a user which is then either sent to a nominated email address or saved to a data file. The forms are very easy to build and can be customised using CSS as part of your design.
4. Data Fragment
The Data Fragment allows you produce an Html table simply by uploading a spreadsheet or text file. Naturally, the appearance of this table is set by the CSS in your design.

Advanced options for a Data Fragment include filtering the data, sorting the data (including randmising the output), splitting the data into several pages, and finally, the standard Html table can be replaced by your own custom Html by including an appropriate Xslt file in the design package.
5. Code Fragment
A Code Fragment is an advanced fragment that can contain either raw Html code, or C# code. There are no limits as to what can be acheived using a Code Fragment, however they are only recommended for experienced web developers.
6. Document List
The Document List produces a list of documents which can be downloaded. Like a DataFragment, you may provide an Xslt file to customise the Html, and use CSS to customiise the appearance of the document list.

Documents may be password protected, and explanatory text may be included for each document.
7. Cloned Fragments
A Cloned Fragment is a fragment which either has been copied from another page, or has been copied from a Site Fragment.

Design Fragments

A Design Fragment is any one of the standard fragments which has had it's appearance altered using a CSS class that is specific to your selected design. This difference can either be subtle, or dramatic depending on your needs.

Design Fragments are a very powerful addition to composure as they allow your designer to customise the smallest part of your website with great ease, however they do require support from your selected Design. Please view the Design Fragments page to view an example of a design fragment.