Design Uploader

The Design Uploader is a windows system tray application that automatically zips, uploads, and selects a design file to a composure website with a single mouse click. This normally takes 3 or 4 seconds, and is a great time saver.

How to use the  Design Uploader

Step 1: Download and Install the design uploader.

              Current Version: 1.3

              Publication Date: 26-Apr-2010

              Download setup file

Step 2: Run the application and Right-mouse click on the system tray icon and choose the Settings menu option.

The system tray menu.

Step 3: Set the location of the website, your username and password.

The Website Settings form.


Step 4: Test your connection using the Test button.

Step 5:
Go to the Local Files tab and select the location of your original design files, and the filename that you wish to use when zipping up the files.

The Local Fiels Form

Hint: When first using the Design Uploader, use a zip file name which is different from the current design name.

Step 6:
Choose the Make Zip file. This tests the zip settings are correct.

Step 7:
Close the settings form and right mouse click on the system tray icon. Select 'Zip and Upload..' which will zip up your local design files and upload them to the server.

After a few seconds you will see the message "Design Uploaded". This is normal and means your design has been uploaded and selected and the website has been regenerated.