CSS Resources

CSS ZenGarden

CSSZenGarden.com is the first step on the road to CSS enlightment.

Not convinced? Well have a good look around the the Zen Garden and you will be. CSS Zen Garden demonstrates the power of CSS by using identical Html for each design; the designer simply provides the CSS and any supporting images.

Most of the designs are visually and conceptually stunning, whilst others are included purely to demonstrate an aspect of CSS, and others are a little lame, however what is indisputable is that the thousands of designs from thousands of artists make CSS ZenGarden is the most impressive CSS demonstration ever made.

Note: An important point to remember whilst browsing through CSS Zen Garden is that the graphic designers have no control over the Html at all; only the CSS and images. This is exactly the same concept as we have used with Composure... the designer designs around somone else's Html.


MaxDesign.com.au is the business website of Russ Wheakley, a graphic artist from Sydney and author of CSS in 10 Minutes. He is renowned worldwide for his CSS Tutorials and committment to improving the quality of everyone's websites.

Russ's CSS-based Tutorials are the best place to start for anyone wishing to learn more about CSS.

Note: The menu examples provided in Russ's Listamatic2 tutorials can be used with a Composure design as Composure uses nested Listamtic menus.